Alvin Ng and his guide dog Seretta

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Mr Alvin Ng and his guide dog, Seretta

Due to retina infraction (still disease), Mr Ng lost his sight at the age of 31. In 1997, Mr Ng was in a medically induced coma after complications related to an auto immune disease led to multiple organ failure and permanent loss of sight. This life-changing event defined him for a long time, until another equally revolutionary change in his life came along in 2012.

“With Seretta as my trusted guide dog, I don’t have to worry about hitting any obstacles.”

  • Seretta enables Mr Ng to cross a road safely.

  • With Seretta, Mr Ng can use the escalator safely.

Mr Ng was paired with his guide dog, Seretta in December 2012. Seretta is both a friend and a pet to Mr Ng, and he is deeply appreciative of his guide dog.

I can’t put a value on Seretta. Ever since I had it, I have been able to go out more often as compared to using a cane.

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