Cassandra Chiu and her guide dog Esme

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Miss Cassandra Chiu and her guide dog, Esme.

Due to Stargardt disease, a type of macular degeneration that causes progressive loss of vision, Miss Chiu began to slowly lose her sight from the age of eight. The white cane was her constant companion till she was paired with a guide dog, Esme, in 2011.

With her guide dog Esme, Miss Chiu can navigate around her environment better.

Esme is an invaluable companion when using the public transport.

Esme is now her faithful companion. Miss Chiu is an accomplished and professional woman who runs a private counselling practice, The Safe Harbour which is located within the busy streets of Orchard Road, Tanglin Shopping Centre.

I always call Esme my yellow Ferrari… I really enjoy the freedom of going where I want and not being limited by my disability.

She is also the founder of a consultancy business, The New Perspective, which offers motivational talks, specifically for the support of the visually impaired.

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