Dennis Sim and his guide dog Melba

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Due to retinitis pigmentosa/cone rod dystrophy, Mr Sim’s loss of vision was a gradual process. As his vision worsened in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult for him to function independently. The most difficult part of his life was when he lost the ability to move around on his own.

“The week ended on a high note as Melba and I managed to walk through a really busy street after our lunch at Richmond. That experience gave me an idea of how it will be like walking with Melba on the busy streets in Singapore and gave me a new level of confidence.”

With Melba, Mr Sim can navigate around the MRT station.

Mr Sim was paired with his guide dog, Melba in February 2014. While being blind was not by choice, he feels fortunate to have been given this opportunity to have a wonderful guide dog like Melba.

Melba is so lovable and well-loved by everybody… and I am very proud to be her master.

Together, the team can look forward to an exciting life with renewed independence.

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