GDAB’s 10th Anniversary: After the Event

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Last Sunday on the 10th of July, GDAB celebrated our very own 10th Anniversary event! It was held at Causeway Point atrium. All of us at GDAB started our day at 7a.m. to prepare for the event!

Our General Manager, Vanessa briefing the volunteers. There were more than 40 volunteers who helped out at the event.

By 9:45a.m., our event set up was complete.

We had the privilege of Mr Seah Kian Peng (CEO of NTUC Fairprice co-operative and Member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC) as our Guest-of-Honour.

Opening Ceremony

Our opening ceremony began with a speech by our chairman, Mr Amos Miller.

Mr Miller started off by talking about how he wanted to build a work-class organisation that provides excellent service quality and lifelong support to the blind and visually-impaired community. He went on to talk about how GDAB has served more than 160 blind and visually-impaired people since 2006. Also our success in pairing 4 guide dog teams in Singapore.

Mr Miller explained the importance of expanding our team of Orientation and Mobility instructors to meet the growing demand. He mentioned the importance of Orientation and Mobility, and how it helped the blind and visually-impaired people to regain their confidence and mobility and eventually use these acquired skills to get a guide dog.

Towards the end of his speech, Mr Miller thanked our partners and sponsors who have contributed to help empower our clients and help made a huge difference in their lives.

Thank you for sharing our vision of an inclusive society where every blind and visually-impaired person is empowered for independent living. We look forward to your continuous support.Mr Amos Miller

After Mr Miller’s speech, a speech was made by our Guest-of-Honour, Mr Seah.

Mr Seah mentioned in his speech about past initiatives that were put into place such as how there is a Code of Accessibility by Building and Construction Authority (BCA), which includes a design guide to help architect and design professionals understand the requirements for a visually-impaired person and a guide dog. Also, that in 2014, Ministry of National Development (MND), has actually streamlined the process for the application of licenses for guide dogs in HDB flats. Hence, now making it much easier and quicker for a guide dog user to have their guide dogs living with them in their HDB flats.

Mr Seah ended with his speech talking about how we should continue to build a more compassionate society. He also mentioned that Causeway point was a fine example of a Guide Dog friendly shopping centre and how an inclusive society for the blind and visually-impaired people should be – being able to empathise with them and show kindness towards them.

A cake specifically made for the opening ceremony

One of the opening ceremony highlights was a demonstration by our trainee guide dog, Ria, led by Zara, our Guide Dog Mobility Instructor.

Ria is focused and ready to work!

We would like to thank Mr Seah for gracing the event and celebrating GDAB’s 10th Anniversary with us.

Event Attracted 400 Participants!

Ria, Trevor and Seretta were there in the morning to meet and greet their fans.

Various booths with games were set up.

With a donation of $10, participants got a packet of clay to mould their very own guide dog figurines.

The “Sighted Guide Challenge” was built to simulate the experience of moving around without sight. Blind-folded participants were taught to use the mobility cane to walk through obstacles and had to learn to trust the people who were guiding them. The challenge drew a lot of participants, especially amongst the curious children.

GDAB’s Public Educational Booth

An Impromptu Trip to Cold Storage

Towards the evening, one of our guide dog teams, Dennis and Melba, made a shopping trip to Cold Storage. This way, the public would be able to see how a guide dog guides their visually-impaired handlers.

Dennis and Melba were so popular! Melba focused on her duty really well and was not distracted even though there was a big group of people following them.

Thank You

GDS is a non-profit voluntary welfare organisation, and has been accorded Charity status by the Commissioner of Charities. We are registered with the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) as an associate member and holds an Institute of Public Character status.

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