Sally* and her befriender Hui Chin

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In the picture above we have Sally* and her befriender Hui Chin. They’ve been matched for almost a year now, and their activities include going for lunch or exercising together. We are ecstatic to find out that they have even become best friends for each other, meeting each other’s family and being each other’s listening ears! 
Thank you to Hui Chin for being a friend to Sally – we wish you all the best best for this lifelong friendship!

“…Hui Chin has become my listening ear and we’ve shared a lot of stories which have made me become a more positive person and motivated me to be more independent. Thank you to GDS for introducing me to my befriender, Hui Chin. She’s not only become my buddy, but my best friend.”
– Sally*, Client
*not real name

“Befriending Sally has been a great experience! We have progressed from the first nervous phone call to attending her daughter’s wedding… I found strength in Sally. I’m thankful to be in a position to help her, and am happy to have found a friend in her.”
– Hui Chin, Befriender

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