Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd (“GDS”) is registered as a charity under the Charities Act in FY 2008 on 1 September 2008. We are also a full member with the National Council of Social Services (NCSS). We report to NCSS and the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF).
Unique Entity No. : 200302260G
Charity Registration : 002116

GDS is led by a group of qualified professionals, all of whom are bound together by their love of working dogs and their empathy for the blind or visually impaired. All Board members are not paid any remuneration or director’s fees.

Reserves Policy
Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd has a reserve policy for long-term stability of the operations and it ensures that there are sufficient resources to support the charity in the event of unforeseen circumstances. The charity currently has 1.5 years of operational expenditure kept as reserves, and is working towards a 3 year reserves. The reserve level is reviewed yearly by the Board to ensure that the reserves are adequate to fulfil the charity’s continuing obligations.

Conflict of Interest
All Board members and staff are required to comply with the charity’s conflict of interest policy. The Board has put in place documented procedures for Board members and staff to declare actual or potential conflicts of interests on a regular and need-to basis. Board members also abstain and do not participate in decision-making on matters where they have a conflict of interest

Whistle Blowing Policy
Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd (“GDS”) is committed to conducting its operations in compliance with applicable accounting requirements, financial reporting requirements, internal controls, corporate governance (including, without limitation, the code of governance for charities and institutions of a public character applicable to GDS) and any legislations and regulations relating thereto. Our whistle blowing policy (this “Policy”) aims to provide an avenue for any employee or stakeholder (such as any volunteer, supplier, service user, beneficiary and any other party with a business relationship with GDS) (a “Whistleblower”) to raise concerns about actual, suspected or anticipated wrongdoings or improprieties in matters or concerns within GDS, which may include, without limitation, the following:

  • any fraudulent act or forgery;
  • misappropriation of GDS’ funds or assets;
  • profiteering as result of insider knowledge of GDS’ activities/information;
  • disclosure of confidential or proprietary information of GDS to parties not under any form of employment and engagement with GDS;
  • accepting or seeking anything of material value from employees or other stakeholders of GDS;
  • destruction, removal, or inappropriate use of GDS’ records, assets or facilities;
  • breach of GDS’ policies or code of conduct; and
  • improper actions or omissions which are likely to endanger GDS’ employees or others.