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What we do at GDAB

Guide Dogs Programme

Affectionately considered a man’s best friend, some dog breeds have an innate desire to work, making them exceptional service companions. Our Guide Dog Programme harnesses a dog’s guiding ability to enhance the mobility and safety of blind and visually-impaired people.

Orientation & Mobility

The core of our organisation’s work is the Orientation & Mobility (O&M) Programme, which is conducted by qualified instructors. It is part of rehabilitating the blind or visually impaired, that is, to teach them how to use their remaining senses to travel safely and live more independently.

Public Outreach

We actively reach out to the public to dispel myths and misconceptions of guide dogs and the visually impaired people and increase the acceptance of the use of guide dogs in Singapore. Talks and sighted guide techniques are conducted upon requests by companies and schools.

Activities of Daily Living

We equip our beneficiaries with daily living skills that will allow them to live a more self-sufficient life without having to rely on caregivers for basic daily needs.Occasionally, we also hold workshops and programmes that can help provide other necessary skills and emotional support to our beneficiaries. Not forgetting spreading public awareness and education, we constantly seek to hold outreach talks and simulation activities with companies, schools, and the public via our events.