Gary & Jordie at St. Joseph’s Institution

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On a lovely afternoon on 15th August (Monday), Gary and Jordie made a special trip down to St. Joseph’s Institution for an interesting fundraising event organised by our Youth For Causes team MINDS, a group of hardworking boys – a photo taking session!

GDAB Merchandise and Polaroids sold by our YFC team.

As the photo above shows, a polaroid with costs $3, and two polaroids cost $5. All proceeds on that day went to us!

The photo taking session was set up at their canteen, where a yellow backdrop was provided, true to GDAB’s corporate colour (thanks for the lovely touch, boys!). One of our lovely team member, Jun Bin, volunteered as the photographer!

Within the hour that we were there, more than 15 students came to the booth and we even had a class come down with their teacher for class photos. How supportive of them!

The students at St. Joseph’s Institution showed a genuine interest in Gary and Jordie, and took this opportunity to ask them questions about their life together, learning what life is like for guide dog handlers and their guide dogs. The students were also well behaved, taking care to not over excite Jordie as she took her rest.

Thank you MINDS for organising this lovely photo taking session and getting refreshments for us despite the short time that we were there! We had tons of fun and we hope all you students at St. Joseph’s Institution did too!

PS: Did you know Jordie has an instagram account? It’s managed by Gary! Do support and follow them @jordie_the_guide_dog!

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