Loo Lan and her guide dog Ria

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I love animals, and a guide dog brings me companionship and joy. More importantly, it has enabled and allowed me to regain the active lifestyle that I longed for again.

At the peak of my career, I was diagnosed with a genetic vision condition that led me to leave my job as an architect designer. To remain mobile and independent, I learnt to use the white cane through GDS’s Orientation & Mobility training and I applied for a guide dog.

It was a blessing to be matched with Ria. I was undergoing chemotheraphy for breast cancer and Ria distracted me from its side effects. Ria has empowered me to walk with my head held high and allowed me to regain the active lifestyle that I longed for. Finding my way around and using the stairs was alot easier with Ria. Ria is not only a guide dog but also a companion who brings happiness and fun into my life.

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