Orientation & Mobility

What is Orientation & Mobility?

Orientation & Mobility (O&M) training teaches blind and visually-impaired people to know where they are, where they want to go (orientation) and how to get there safely by themselves (mobility). You can learn more about O&M on this page.

I am vision impaired but I still can see ‘quite well’ (residual vision), so why do I still need O&M training?

O&M training not only involves the use of white cane, it teaches you to use your other remaining senses to get a sense of your surrounding and the objects in relation to where you are.

O&M also helps to build confidence. In O&M training, we also look functional aspects of your eye condition. In O&M training, we also provide training to people with Low vision by equipping them with skills and techniques to compensate for whatever vision loss they have. It’s all about quality of life.

If you frequently have trouble getting around safely e.g. bumping into people, falling down because you’re unable perceive depth, using cane will help.

If you have not so nice experiences e.g. being misunderstood because your eye condition may not show physical traits, a cane may also help to reduce that! Cane serves as not only a tool to obtain information from your surroundings; it also serves to identify yourself to public members so that they can be more understanding. They may even offer their help.

I would like to refer myself/someone to GDS for O&M training, how do I do it?

If you think you/someone you know may benefit from the training, it’s easy! Just download the referral form attached, complete where necessary and email/fax/mail to us! Alternatively, you can also contact us at admin email address and office number for enquiries!

Where is the training conducted?

Training will be conducted at beneficiary’s place of convenience. So you don’t have to worry! Training only makes sense if it is conducted at the environment that the beneficiary will be using, only then can the skills learnt be applied directly E.g. New school, local community area like coffee shop, market.

Is O&M training chargeable?

The O&M training is provided at of no cost to our clients. For any new beneficiary, first cane is provided free! Only subsequent canes are chargeable.