Planned Giving


Making a Will is an important part of planning for the future and providing for your loved ones. Planned Giving is where you set aside an amount for charitable causes in your Will. It is one way to make a positive impact beyond one’s lifetime.


According to Ministry of Social and Family Development findings in 2015, there are more than 300,000 people with sensory and physical disabilities. With Singapore’s high rate of diabetes, myopia and aging population, the demand for our rehabilitation services increases. However, visual impairment is one of the least supported causes and local allied health education does not provide the needed specialists for this field. As a result, the needs of many Singaporeans with visual impairment and their caregivers who are also impacted are not adequately met.

Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd provides life-long rehabilitation to our clients with visual impairment by equipping them with independent living and travelling skills and the use of guide dogs. Our programme has helped many clients to have improved quality of life and new-found hope for their future. Your generosity will enable us to sustain our work and transform more lives. Help us plant, grow and harvest this hope and possibility!


1) Making a bequest through CPF
You can nominate Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd as the beneficiary of your CPF savings via a CPF nomination form. Such form can be obtained from any CPF regional office or via

2) Making a bequest through an insurance policy
You can designate Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd as the beneficiary of your insurance policy, or purchase an insurance policy and name Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd as both the owner and the beneficiary.

3) Making a bequest through a will
For assets outside one’s CPF, a bequest can be made through a will (best done through a solicitor) by including a statement allocating assets to the charity. Assets include a sum of money, a property, or the remainder of one’s estate after tax deductions and other expenses. You may refer to this template for clause to be inserted into your will.

4) Charitable trusts
You may set up a trust fund with Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd named as the beneficiary. The legacy you leave behind will go a long way in helping the under-served visually impaired community and their caregivers to overcome their challenges and give them hope to live fuller lives. We understand that making a Will is a very personal matter. If you would like to talk to us, please reach us at / 6339 7900. Thank you for remembering us.